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Parque de Negócios da Maia
Edifício Sonae Distribuição 4º Piso
Estrada Nacional 13, km 6.78
Lugar do Espido — Via Norte
4470-179 MAIA


Berg Cycles

Profile, Mission & Values

With 10 years of experience and a wide range of products in the cycling market, BERG Cycles offers technology and innovation with unbeatable value, allowing its customers to improve their natural skills and outdo themselves.


Thanks to a serious investment in the research area and to the creativity of the design team, the brand has been able to fulfil its consumers’ needs and expectations, delivering bicycles and cycling products that combine design and function, quality and price.


We apply our passion in developing bicycles according to market requirements, technologies, innovation and trends. We aim at reaching the perfect balance between design and performance.


We work every day for those who love Nature and Challenge, applying our passion, know-how and commitment to guarantee that BERG Cycles is always the best choice, making it always possible to IMPROVE YOUR NATURE!


Berg Cycles was founded in 2002, Portugal.

Dedicated To:

Developing cycling products, like bicycles, cycling apparel and shoes, components and accessories


Deliver cycling products with unbeatable value, guaranteeing that more people will enjoy being outdoors and discover the explorer inside them.