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Why should I register my bike?


Berg Cycles is happy to offer online registration for your Berg bike. By completing the form bellow, you will be assured that you will be notified by Berg of any issues that arise concerning this product. In addition, there are major advantages:



To upgrade your two-year warranty to a lifetime warranty please be sure to keep your bike's proof of purchase, completing the form below and printing it. With the form and the proof of purchase you have all the advantages of a lifetime warranty  (valid to bicycles purchased only after April 2015). See conditions here.



If your bike is ever lost or stolen, we can provide you with key information that could help you recover your bicycle easily and more quickly.


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In the purchase receipt, before product name

If you have any problem with you registration please contact us.

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See the conditions for your Berg Cycles Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty is only valid after you print it.

You can view and print the warranty proof later on your My Bikes area.

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